From: Najib Khoury , To: Elie Hasbani   Sent: Thursday, November 3, 2011 12:03 PM Subject:  thank you

Running for Hope and pastor Eli Hasbani,  we thank you for the big effort and big work you did for sending the container for the  needy and disabled people in Lebanon who thank you in advance for helping them to survive and live an honored life. We ask God to bless each brother or institution or hospital or clinic or church who donated or gave any thing for special a blessing and richness from above, from our Lord. Thank you a lot and we will do our best to help and to give out and reach out with the tools and with the word of God from a loving heart to all the people. May God bless you richly and abundantly.  Your brothers in Lebanon and greetings from Pastor Najib Khoury.    Enclosed are photos taken while receiving the container.

 From: Najib khoury; To: Elie Hasbani;  Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2013 6:51 PM Subject: Thank you

Dear Pastor Elie Hasbani and “Running for Hope”

We greet you in the name of our king of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ, to you all brothers . We thank God for you, especially regarding your wonderful work and ministry you are doing and for what you did for us by sending us a container of medical medical items: hospital bed, walkers, crutches, canes,wheelchairs and special machines for phisiotherapy…

It’s been a great blessing.  God has used these things from you and through the church to help many needy people around us in this country who faced, and are still facing, lots of conflicts, wars and big challenges. The survivors and the locals really were very grateful to receive they items to help them move around.  First of all, that type of equipment is not available here, especially here in South Lebanon.  If any place has them, the people cannot afford to rent it or buy it…that’s why we are writing this letter, to transfer their gratitude and their greetings and best wishes to pastor Elie Hasbani who has a big heart for them, and to every person who worked to fill a special need.  We are thankful for the passion in pastor Hasbani’s heart and his love of the Lord and for us. We are praying that this organization, “Running for Hope “, will grow as the wars are increasing and the devil still working in this world.  We pray for children of God like Pastor Eli who is working to bless the wounded and the needy people around the world.

We have distributed many of the things to a big number of public and private  organizations and to many churches, as well, in addition to many individuals in all areas in Lebanon from South to the North, and for all religions and denominations.  This ministry had a blessed and huge echo in Lebanon for the glory of God!!

We gave to the Lebanese  RED CROSS in 4 sectors in different areas one in DRUZE city Hasbaya, 2 in SHIAA Muslim area called TYRE, one in a Christian city called Zahle:  33 walkers,25 canes, 3 commodes, canes with 4 legs, and one big hospital bed for a clinic.

We gave out to clinics in 5 places: Deirmimas, Hasbayya, Taybe a Muslim village, Shibaa village a SUNNI Muslim, Kawkaba also is a Christian village and TYRE, big Muslim town, and in Beirut the capital 22 canes, 19 walkers …  Also the office of Social affairs in our town, WORD VISION organization, ARCONCIAL organization, and for disable institution as “BEIT SHABAB” and other institutions in Marjeyoun and other villages around.

We gave out to many churches and the HIGH COUNCIL of the EVANGELICAL CHURCHES IN SYRIA AND LEBANON: 58 cratches,68 walkers,3 wheelchairs.

We still have some items and are ready to give them out for anyone in need who asks

We send you some pictures with this letter hoping as a sample of many people receiving the items you sent and want to thank you for all your help and support.

May God bless you abundantly

Pastor Najib Khoury

Marjeyoun Baptist Church